Beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune

There are lots of ways to still look beautiful and not totally drain your pockets. One way I learned is buy making your own products at home. Buy using organic and household items, you can create your own hair and skin care formulas and save money.


Beauty Supply Store Haul


So, a quick run to the CVS for last minute candy for the trick or treaters turned into treating myself a little bit. Gotta celebrate some kind of way because every since my early teens I was never really into dressing up for Halloween. Some years maybe but I feel like Halloween is for the kiddos.

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Salon Pro Carrot Oil Formula w/ Jojoba Oil

I have a couple different oils that I have on my hair (Grape seed oil, almond oil, coconut oil). But I don’t have any oil specifically designed for stimulating growth. I’ve seen Carrot Oil pop up recently and I figured I had to try it.

Lustrasilk Placenta & Jojoba Oil Cholesterol

The cold is just creeping up by the day and I want my skin and natural hair to be prepared. I’ve been seeing cholesterol all over pinterest. People…

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